World-class workout tracking and analysis.

Physique is a delightful workout tracker that's simple for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for pros.

It seamlessly guides you through your workouts, exercises, sets, and rest periods. Plus, it's packed with smart features for analyzing your results and seeing your progress.

Physique makes it easy, so you can make it happen.

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Train Smarter.

And have more fun, too.

Physique's biggest advantage is that it looks at the bigger picture — your workout routine — and not just the individual workouts.

Physique is the only app that brings everything you need together in a simple, intuitive way. It was engineered from the ground up to help you reach your goals and make tracking your workouts fast, easy, and fun.

Versatile workout routines.

Something for everyone. And every goal.

Physique's Routine Catalog includes 10 professionally designed routines that were meticulously crafted for different goals and skill levels, including building muscle, slimming down, and keeping in shape. Each routine has everything you need to get started, keep going, and see results.

Comprehensive, yet highly customizable.


Workout routines are a bit like recipes, but for your fitness. The directions play a very important role here too. Each routine comes with explanations of its advantages, how often to work out, how to make progress, and even what to do when things get tough.

Progression Plan

Making progress is the key to successful training. Each routine shows you how to progress your exercises so you can take your training to the next level again and again. Together with Physique's Smart Progression feature, you'll be reaching your goals in record time.


At the heart of each routine are its workouts. Physique's routines all have between two and four workouts that are designed to work together towards your goal. Once you start a routine, Physique automatically rotates though the workouts so everything is easy to follow.


Physique shows you exactly which exercises to do, and how many sets and reps to aim for. Each exercise is hand picked to target specific muscle groups, and the sets and reps were carefully selected to challenge your muscles enough to grow stronger or bigger, depending on your goal.

Rest Periods

Your rest periods affect how much energy you have for your next sets, and can vary the intensity of your workouts. All built-in routines have recommended rest durations. They're very easy to customize, and they work seamlessly with the Rest Timer feature, which automatically adds timers between your sets.

Warm-up Sets

Prepare your muscles and joints with warm-up sets to help prevent injuries and get ready for your workout. When the weights start to get heavy you can use Physique's Warm-up Sets feature to ramp up to your target weight. It calculates the ideal warm-up weights for you, and even knows all about your equipment so your weights always match up.

Stay one step ahead.

By following a routine you'll always know your next workout before going to the gym. And you'll easily be able to see your progress from week to week — fueling you with the motivation to work harder and keep going.

The details and thoughtfullness that we've put into Physique's routines and its workout tracking make the app a truly remarkable tool. Everything works together perfectly to help make fitness tracking fun, straight forward, and extraordinarily effective.

Creating your own routine has never been easier.

We know that customization is important. So we made every aspect of your workout routines customizable. Best of all, the Routine Editor is incredibly simple to use. Just add workouts to your routine, and exercises to your workouts. Once you're done Physique remembers your entire routine so it's always ready when you are.

Engineered for results.

What really sets Physique apart is that it was built around exercise science principles.

Progressive Overload is the fundamental principle of weight training. It's quite simple. It means you need to gradually increase the load of your exercises over time so your muscles will adapt, get stronger, and grow bigger.

This is most often done by adding a little weight each and every week. By consistently working out, following your routine, and applying Progressive Overload, you will see results!

Smart Progression

Physique's innovative Smart Progression feature helps you make progress week after week, and makes entering your workouts lightning fast.

By remembering your previous workouts, the smart progression feature can automatically bump up your target weights after you complete your reps. This helps you make progress by increasing the load when you're ready for it — just one less thing to worry about when using Physique.

And since Physique already knows the target weights for all of your sets, it's way faster to use than other apps where you have to re-enter your exercises each workout.

Designed for the gym.

Workout tracking re-imagined for your iPhone.

Lightning Fast Workout Tracking

The best workout tracker is also the fastest one. Other apps make you look up your exercises, enter your sets, and even manually start your rest timers — all during your workout.

Thankfully, Physique is miles ahead. You can quickly log your workouts with as little as one tap between sets. You're at the gym to focus on your workouts, and that's exactly what Physique is there for.

Intelligent Keyboard

Physique’s intelligent keyboard makes entering weights and reps faster than ever. With both a number pad and a stepper, Physique has everything you need right at your fingertips. The innovative stepper has keys that correspond to common weight increments in both pounds and kilograms.

Seamless Workouts

Physique organizes each workout into a seamless sequence of sets, warm-ups, and rest periods. Your sets are pre-loaded with your target weights. Your rest timers start automatically. And your workout history is only a swipe away.

All in all, Physique makes your workouts extremely easy to follow and quick to adjust, which in turn makes the app a pleasure to use. You'll never want to work out without it. Physique is the only app that integrates with your workout routine to provide this seamless experience.

Clean Interface

We designed Physique with a friendly interface to help you get the most out of your workout tracker. Whether you're crafting the perfect routine, in the middle of an intense workout, or simply reviewing last week's results — Physique's intuitive approach is simple to use and lets you focus on the task at hand.

Analyze your progress.

Inspiring Statistics

You can review your completed sets, reps, and weights at any time. But we didn't stop there. Physique automatically tracks all of your personal records and shows you inspiring stats about each workout so you can see your improvements at a glance.

Having your progress right in front of you during your workout is a powerful way to get motivated and push yourself to beat your last workout's results. It's all about having the right information at the right time.

Track Your Trend

Physique's Trend statistic is a quick way to gauge your progress from one workout to the next. This percentage represents the change in workout volume over time, and it's weighted so your most recent workouts are more significant. As long as your overall trend is positive, you know that you're making progress towards your goal!

Share Your Workouts

Whether it's to keep yourself accountable or to show off to your friends, you can easily share your finished workouts on Twitter and Facebook. Or simply email them right from within the app.

Stay consistent.

Physique has a beautiful workout consistency report that shows you exactly how you're doing to keep you motivated. The workout bars turn green as soon as you complete your workouts. It's important to exercise consistently, so for best results, aim to keep the whole report green!

And so much more...

Rich Collection of Exercises

Over 200 of the most popular exercises.

Create Your Own Exercises

Did we mention that Physique is highly customizable?

Sets, Supersets, and Drop Sets

Choose from three types of sets for your workouts.

One Rep Max Estimates

A safer way to find your 1RM.

Beautiful Weight Breakdowns

You'll never need to do math at the gym again.

CSV Exporting

It's your data. Works in Excel, Numbers, and more.

Excellent Multitasking

Listen to music. Send a quick message. No problem.

Supports Pounds and Kilograms

Truly world-class.

Available on the App Store

It's the perfect way to track your workouts. Only $4.99.

What people are saying:

All in all, this is an almost perfect app, mainly because it empowers its users with vast flexibility all while staying out of their way.


I would recommend this to anyone interested in effective, common sense resistance training.


I found Physique to be the best workout tracker I have used. It's key feature is its ability to plan workouts ahead of time so you know precisely what your day's plan consists of.